Our story:

While many of the early crypto adopters aped-in to all kinds of projects and ultimately became bored with their newfound lifestyle, others chose a different path.  Instead of sitting around doing nothing – they began to give back to the community.  They looked for ways to support charitable events, up-coming artists, struggling small businesses and more!

They soon realized that if they combined their efforts, they could be much more effective, and so they began spending more and more time collaborating.  At first it was just a way to network and brainstorm but being Pretty Intelligent Guys and Gals (PIGS), they soon came up with a master plan.

Why not create a framework where they could become true patrons of the arts?  Some of their bored friends told them that their plan was silly, preposterous even…

Thus, the Preposterous Pigs Dining Club was born!

The Pigs:

Preposterous Pigs are digital collectibles living on the Ethereum Blockchain, which have been randomly generated from 390 unique hand-drawn properties.

Each Preposterous Pig is a unique masterpiece of art and personality.

The PIGS fall into 3 categories:  Prosperous, Perceptive and Pretty


You can see the prosperity on the jowls of these portly pigs.

Their wallets are fat, and so are they.

Their Pig-Pens are lavish and well-appointed.

They are self-made, they worked hard for their money.

You will often find these guys around the poker tables.


These are the scientists, nerds – the well-read, witty warthogs.

The inventors, the innovators – they have made their money off smart ideas and inventions.

They love collectables, and you will probably find them talking new projects in the clubhouse.



These perky pigs are the ones that were born with a silver spoon in their Pens.

Their prosperity was inherited.  They grew up with the best of everything.

But rather than becoming bored and lazy with their inheritances, they want to use their privilege to help others.

Each of these groups have also formed sub-groups or clans, such as:
LEWD – (The League of Extraordinary Warthog Dudes) – these handsome dudes make up a large portion of the Collectors editions, but they also have representation from each of the other categories.

CAT – (Cheerleader artist types) – the beautiful babes are all-in for women power.  They have representatives from every category and rarity.

HOG – (Helpful Omnivore Guys) – These guys are just here to help.  Mainly made up from the perceptive category but includes nerds and inventors at heart from each of the categories.

3 other clan names will be chosen by members.

Our Mission: