How to add $MUD token to your Metamask wallet

  • Go to https://chainlist.org, connect your wallet by clicking on the “Connect Wallet” button on the top right of the screen:
  • Next start typing Polygon in the “Search Networks” box:
  • Then click on “Connect Wallet” on the “Matic(Polygon) Mainnet box
  • Next open Metamask, and find the following box at the top:

  • Click on the down arrow to expand the menu:
  • Then Click on the Matic (Polygon) Mainnet to connect to it:
  • Once you are connected, click on “Assets”
  • Now click on “Add Token” – the following window will appear:
  1. Copy and paste the following contract address into “Token Contract Address” 0x60079e8ca4ceee5b661707700a51914f4c0e82d4
  2. The token symbol should auto-fill – but if it doesn’t you can enter $MUD into the “Token Symbol” field.
  3. The token decimal should also auto-fill – but if it doesn’t, you can enter the number 18 into the “Token Decimal” field.
  4. Click next to complete adding the token.

That’s IT!  The $MUD token should now appear under “Assets” when you are connected to the “Matic (Polygon) Network.

You can return to the Ethereum network by going back here:

and selecting “Ethereum Mainnet” again.  You can switch between networks without opening/closing your wallet – and you will be alerted by a connected website if you are trying to connect using the wrong network.

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