It can be exceedingly difficult for new artists to gain exposure to collectors.  Many resort to tactics such as tagging, inappropriate shilling, unsolicited DM’s, and even just sending copies of their work to collectors.

We asked collectors: “In general, what is the right way to get your attention?”

The answers varied – but one that stood out was by @Kenshiro_nft

Keep creating until you reach a quality which can’t be ignored”. 

Collectors are ALWAYS on the lookout for artists who cannot be ignored.

What do collectors look for in art and artists?

A Solid Artist

A "solid artist" is someone who has worked hard and continues to work hard to excel at their craft. They are not looking for a quick profit in NFT's, they are here for the long-haul

Resale Value

While it is nice to buy art just because you like it – there is also an investment perspective. Collectors would like to know that anything they collect from you will retain its value. (That is why well-known artists often have an easier time selling)

That said – MANY artists we spoke with either have a difficult time with networking and self- promotion, or else they are just bad at it.  That is largely why in the real world – we have art galleries and exhibitions.

What about the Metaverse?  While there are many platforms for artists to present their work – these platforms do not really spotlight artists, and it can be easy to get lost in the shuffle.

That is where PPDC comes in.

Here is a quick overview of what we offer:


    Closed, anonymous auctions. Artists submit their work to a review panel who will pick the ones that will advance that week to the next level. Ones who do not make the cut will be offered helpful advice on what could help them to make the cut next time.


    The review panel consists of artists/art critics and collectors and rotates on a monthly (or weekly basis) Members of the review panel are not able to vote or bid while they are on the panel.


    To facilitate collecting and exhibiting, the auctions are divided into the following 6 categories:

Categories that do not meet the minimum number of entries each week will be omitted, or accrued until the following week.


    Those who are moved forward by the Review Panel are voted on by all of the club members. The ones who receive the most votes are sent to the final round, where their work will be auctioned off. Those who do not progress to the next round will be offered some helpful advice by the review panel.


    Each week – DIFFERENT artists will be featured. To add to the fun, some of the artists who submit work will be well-known – in ALL cases, the art will speak for itself.


    The PPDC has a LARGE 3D clubhouse on Sandbox, which will act like an art Gallery. Artists who are members will be able to display their work on a rotational basis. There are also games (mazes, battles), activities (escape rooms) and more for members. (To facilitate those who do not want to run around in a 3D environment, we will also feature/spotlight artists in the members-only area of our website)


    A portion of ALL the proceeds from sales will go to charity each week. Artists will be encouraged to give back to the community by donating some of the proceeds of THEIR sales to charity. All charitable donations will be provided with receipts for tax purposes.


    Once the clubhouse is established and all the membership tokens have been distributed, governance of the program will fall into the hands of the members and those who are elected by members to oversee the program.


    All auctions take place using custom contracts that are executed via Opensea. Each NFT auctioned is a valid ERC-721 token – and all items will be available for purchase using ETH or WETH.

  • $MUD

    Our custom ERC-20 coin token will be used for some club activities (including voting), for trading for merchandise and playing games.


    The membership (Avatar) tokens come with full usage rights. Members who CHOOSE to license their artwork can do so on an individual basis, or by adding it to the licensing pool. Some of the proceeds from the licensing pool will be donated to charity, others will be distributed in #ART tokens, or converted to WETH for distribution.