Our smart contract ensures no more than (7,000) Preposterous Pigs will ever exist.

The Preposterous Pigs are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

Metadata is stored on IPFS.

You can mint up to 5 Pigs, each for the preposterously low price of .035 WETH.

Since we are using the Polygon Blockchain, gas-fees are almost non-existent.

We will be using a staggered drop to ensure that it is fair for all would-be members.  Initial drop will be by registration only.  Subsequent drops will occur at staggered times/days.  We will release 1,300 pigs into the wild per drop.  If any drop does not sell out, it will be the final drop for that month.


There are 6 standard full body characters – including some super-rare editions that have been contributed by artists, some well-known, and some up-coming ones.   Background color/shades indicates rarity.

Rarity Table

RarityPercentage of TotalTotal CountTotal per Category
Standard - art drawings with variations making each one unique.704,900816
Rare - standard art drawings with variations not found in any other character.151050175
Super Rare – Standard art drawings with artist collaborations such as backgrounds, styles etc. 10700117
Collectors – these unique drawings are reminiscent of some famous sci-fi and fantasy characters. 535018
Legendary – One-offs in EACH category that simply stand head and shoulders above the rest. These cannot be minted but will be auctioned off (with some proceeds going to charity) once the initial Pig-Pen is sold-out.17010